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Our trade marks

PROMOPASTOR S.L., has commitment to quality and durability in all our products, in order to avoid unnecessary consumption of natural resources. We are well aware that we are on plastic age and we have found optimal solutions that do not generate excess waste. PROMOPASTOR S.L., collects and recycle the plastic so to give again a long lifetime. We have more than 10 patents in different range of products (in fact we have wide variety of microfiber cloth patented) that prove our quality and our commitment to sustainable growth.

We try to keep that our products last as long as possible. We are against planned obsolescence.

External laboratories periodically test our microfiber and guarantee it as one of the best of the market.

We have a wide selection of products of high quality, durability and very good prices. Among others we are leaders on the following:

Cleaning items - buckets, brooms, brushes, small brushes, scourers, pads, sponges, mops, window wipers, handles and poles, all kind of fabric cloths, microfiber cloth, kitchen gloves, dusters, dustpans and palettes, iron and laundry items.

Household - coffee makers, cutlery, silicone moulds, saucepan, pans, glass jars, colanders, borosilicate glass containers.

Hangers - wood, plastic, velvet and metal hangers.

Industrial cleaning - cleaning trolleys, catering charts, cleaning trays, floor signals, cleaning industrials rolls.

Catering - scourers rolls, industrial mops, industrial buckets, industrial rolls, catering rolls, among others.

PAMEX Microfibra
Wide range of patented microfiber.

Stationery items: markers, pens, pencils and cases.

Free time items. The highest quality product such as shopping charts.


Kitchen cloths, apron, tablecloths, cushions, cushions, bibs, iron cover table, scarves.

Man textile, socks, slips, boxers, gloves, neck´s band.

Electric Dreams trade mark. Led lamps, portable solar power (to load mobile phones, tablets) solar lamps.

Children items: great selections of items for children, small aprons, plastic boxes and children bathtubs.

Socks and ladies underwear.

Steel cutlery. Silicone articles: molds, brushes.

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