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PAMEX - Respetamos el medio ambienteThe respect and protection to the environment is one of our big challenges of our time in our work and company. We are all aware of that environmental degradation is a major threat to our planet. Every day we could see some of the phenomena such as desertification, global warming, endangered species, among others. We should be aware of the way of the environment is affecting us, it is therefore of vital importance to be consistent with the appropriate management.

Significant efforts therefore need to be made in our daily activities such as the use and pollution of the water, the energy, collecting recyclables and not recyclables. PROMOPASTOR S. L., optimizes on the best way possible that our products are environmental-friendly: in fact, the recycled raw material in some of our processes reaches rates of over 90%. PROMOPASTOR S.L, re-uses products of waste, turning them into a new and useful products to be used again. All of this process without using any product or chemical product to avoid further damages.

Most of the products available in the market contain toxics and dangerous products for the environment and people ´s health. Great quantity of products that we are using every day, in our home as well as in the industries, are the responsible of generating pollution in the environment. The most common harmful component that we could find in cleaning products are the following: phenol, naphthalene, ethylic alcohol, creosol, butoxyethanol, ammonia, among other harmful substances. It is not a secret that most of cleaning products are formulated with synthetic substances that may have an impact on the health of the people that are using them, as well as in the house, company or indoor space. All the environmental problems are responsibility of each of us. This, therefore, is in the hands of us to improve the environment using ecological cleaning products. And PROMOPASTOR S.L., can help us to ecological maintenance of our homes, without using chemical products, and only using our microfibers and other products.

If we do not take care of the environment the consequences can be devastating, from allergies, to respiratory problem. It is unknown the “cocktail effect” that could affect the health, and nowadays, there are many studies that are associating indoor pollution that can cause some illness of variable severity.

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