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Who we are

PROMOPASTOR, SL is a company that was established on 1994 and is manufacturing and distribution plastic items, household items, textile and professional cleaning products, among others. We have 22 years of experience devoted to look for the best solutions to professional and household cleaning in all places providing the best solutions for a quicker, effective, and cheaper cleaning.

PROMOPASTOR, SL has a 3 production plants, one in Spain, other in Italy and another in China, which enable us to offer a world-wide service in Europe, north of Africa or EE.UU. The head office is in Atzeneta d'Albaida, Valencia, Spain.

The products of PROMOPASTOR S.L., with one of the main patented trade mark PAMEX are innovative, safe and durable products, that are the result of years of experience that has led us to create a broad range of products and brands clearly differentiated on the market. The key to our success is high technology and experience combination: we have a qualified team of professionals and experts in R&D-i that allows us to be at the vanguard of the sector a good example of this are our patents and registered trademarks.

PROMOPASTOR S.L., has developed fabrics with high absorption capacity, one broom that can be turned into a mop, different and new kind of mops that helps to trap dust, dirt and allergens with proven efficacy increasing the cleaning efficiency duration.

PROMOPASTOR S.L., team can offer the best service, above all, to our clients for both professional and home customers. We strive every day to improve our products and service.

Our products are made to make your life a little easier. We are using first class materials and excellent workmanship to guarantee quality, reliability and long service life and ensuring respect for the environment.

Our objectives


PROMOPASTOR S.L., is committed to the most advanced technology and control over production at the point of origin. We are innovating in product design and we can offer the best prices in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our company has a firm commitment to innovation and the study and development of new ideas, also in response to request from our clients or the latest innovations of the market.


PROMOPASTOR S.L., offers the latest industry trends in all our products. We also seek procedures for an efficient, easy and economic for cleaning work.


We are working only with high-quality materials to provide the best result in each one of products. PROMOPASTOR S.L., is ensuring environmental friendliness as we are constantly searching for more efficient raw materials, avoiding toxic or pollutant products; also using biodegradable and recyclable products focused on our planet preservation.

In PROMOPASTOR S.L., manufactures and distributes materials such as microfiber that can be used just with a small amount of water..

Business advice

Our success lies in the ability of our specialized technical team trained to give to our clients a tailor-made advice in a globalised market place.


We are working on the principle of sustainability and we are working with the environmentally friendly materials for the manufacture 90% of our products. Our goal is to offer cleaning systems of great quality at the lowest cost.


A newly developed system of computerized shipments PROMOPASTOR S.L., can deliver the orders on time.

We are doing periodic reviews and internal audits, that with the additional information provided by our clients, that help us to continue improving our products and to the extent possible, to foresee changes in increasingly globalized world.

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